Élisabeth Rappeneau

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Élisabeth Rappeneau
OccupationFilm director
Years active1962-present

Élisabeth Rappeneau is a French film director and screenwriter.

Personal life[edit]

She is the sister of the French director Jean-Paul Rappeneau, the aunt of musician Martin Rappeneau and of the screenwriter Julien Rappeneau.


Year Title Role Box Office Notes
1962 Le Doulos Script girl $11.1 million[1] Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville
Le combat dans l'île Script girl / Directed by Alain Cavalier
1963 Magnet of Doom Script supervisor $11.1 million[2] Directed by Jean-Pierre Melville (2)
The Fire Within Script girl / Directed by Louis Malle
1966 A Matter of Resistance Script girl $13.2 million[3] Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Diamond Safari Script supervisor / Directed by Michel Drach
Les créatures Script girl $700.000[4] Directed by Agnès Varda
1967 The Thief of Paris Script girl $9.2 million[5] Directed by Louis Malle (2)
1968 Very Happy Alexander Script girl $16.6 million[6] Directed by Yves Robert
La Chamade Script supervisor $7.3 million[7] Directed by Alain Cavalier (2)
1969 Clérambard Script supervisor $3.1 million[8] Directed by Yves Robert (2)
1970 Le Distrait Script girl $10.7 million[9] Directed by Pierre Richard
1971 Murmur of the Heart Script girl $21.1 million[10] Directed by Louis Malle (3)
It Only Happens to Others Technical collaborator $6.5 million[11] Directed by Nadine Trintignant
Papa les petits bateaux... Script supervisor / Directed by Nelly Kaplan
1972 Ça va, ça vient Script supervisor / Directed by Pierre Barouh
1973 Hail the Artist Script girl $4.3 million[12] Directed by Yves Robert (3)
I Don't Know Much, But I'll Say Everything Script supervisor $11.1 million[13] Directed by Pierre Richard (2)
Au rendez-vous de la mort joyeuse Script girl / Directed by Juan Luis Buñuel
Défense de savoir Script supervisor / Directed by Nadine Trintignant (2)
1975 Lovers Like Us Writer $17.8 million[14] Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (2)
That Most Important Thing: Love Script girl $11.6 million[15] Directed by Andrzej Żuławski
Incorrigible Script supervisor $19.3 million[16] Directed by Philippe de Broca
1976 Lumière Script supervisor $760.000[17] Directed by Jeanne Moreau
Pardon Mon Affaire Script supervisor $21.9 million[18] Directed by Yves Robert (4)
Sérail Script supervisor / Directed by Eduardo de Gregorio
1977 Pardon Mon Affaire, Too! Script supervisor $15.6 million[19] Directed by Yves Robert (5)
1979 Womanlight Script supervisor $13.3 million[20] Directed by Costa-Gavras
1981 Clara et les Chics Types Script supervisor $3 million[21] Directed by Jacques Monnet
1982 All Fired Up Writer $17.1 million[22] Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (3)
1984 The Twin Writer $13 million[23] Directed by Yves Robert (6)
Aéroport : Issue de secours Writer / TV Movie Directed by Joyce Buñuel
1985 Une Femme ou Deux Writer $2.2 million[24] Directed by Daniel Vigne
1988 Frequent Death Director & Writer $3.6 million[25]
1989 Mieux vaut courir Director & Writer / TV Movie
1992 Turbulences Director & Writer / TV Movie
1993 L'amour assassin Director / TV Movie
1994 Julie Lescaut Director / TV Series (4 Episodes)
1995 Terrain glissant Writer / TV Movie Directed by Joyce Buñuel (2)
1996 Le secret d'Iris Director / TV Movie
Notre homme Director / TV Movie
1997 La famille Sapajou Director / TV Movie
L'amour dans le désordre Director / TV Movie
1998 Telle mère, telle fille Director / TV Movie
La famille Sapajou - le retour Director / TV Movie
1999 Sapajou contre Sapajou Director / TV Movie
2000 Chacun chez soi Director / TV Movie
Un homme en colère Director / TV Series (1 Episode)
2001 L'impasse du cachalot Director / TV Movie
Un citronnier pour deux Director / TV Movie
2003 Les femmes ont toujours raison Director / TV Movie
Changer tout Director / TV Movie
2004 L'insaisissable Director / TV Movie
2005 Une vie Director / TV Movie
Luchon International Film Festival - Cyrano Award
Ma meilleure amie Director / TV Movie
2006 Inséparables Director / TV Series (3 Episodes)
2008 La maison Tellier Director / TV Movie
2009 Cet été-là Director / TV Movie
2010 Quand vient la peur... Director / TV Movie
Paul et ses femmes Director / TV Movie
2011 J'ai peur d'oublier Director / TV Movie
Nominated - Monte-Carlo Television Festival - Television Films - Best Director
Gérald K Gérald Director / TV Movie
2013 Je vous présente ma femme Director / TV Movie

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