A1 Liga (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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A1 Liga
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
ConfederationFIBA Europe
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toBasketball Championship

The A1 Liga is a second tier of men's basketball competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina that sits below the Basketball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prvenstvo Bosne i Hercegovine), composed of three regional divisions: A1 liga Bosne i Hercegovine (Division I per eurobasket.com), A1 liga Herceg-Bosne (Division II per eurobasket.com), and 1. Muška Liga Republike Srpske (1. ML RS for short).[1][2][3]

The three divisions of Bosnian basketball second tier competition (A1 league) geographic authority roughly corresponds to the country's regional ethnic outlook: Bosniaks in the central regions (Division I), Croats in the south-southwest (Division II), and Serbs to the north-northeast (1. ML RS).[dubious ]

A1 League 2017-18 teams[edit]

A1 liga Bosne i Hercegovine[edit]

A1 liga Herceg-Bosne[edit]

1. Muška Liga Republike Srpske[edit]



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