Arcangelo Sassolino

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Arcangelo Sassolino
Montecchio Maggiore

Arcangelo Sassolino (born 1967) is an Italian artist known for his sculptures that using technology.[1]

Early life[edit]

Sassolino was born in 1967 in Vicenza, Italy.[2] He was raised in Trissino, near Vicenza, in the north-east of Italy.[3] In his 20s, he created a three-dimensional puzzle game recalling the Rubik's Cube, and was hired by Robert Fuhrer and Nextoy, LLC, representatives of Casio Creative Products, for which worked for 6 years in New York, inventing and developing original and innovative toys and games. In 1996 Sassolino went back to Italy, where he worked on marble sculpture in Pietrasanta.

Artistic Path[edit]

In Sassolino's works the spectators find themselves in front of well known industrial materials, such as stainless steel, glass or concrete. He uses these materials into mechanical/thermodynamical fantastic machines, that make the elements reach their limits: extreme speed, friction, gravity, heat, pressure.

Sassolino's sculptures are inorganic performances in which machines take life, get broken by contrast and conflict of forces, on the verge of a breakdown (which is a fundamental aspect of his work). He works around concepts such caducity, loss, unpredictability, danger, failure.

Solo exhibitions[edit]

Group exhibitions[edit]


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