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Basketball Bundesliga awards, honours, and stats leaders
Individual awards

The Basketball Bundesliga MVP (Most Valuable Player) is an award that is given yearly to the best player in the regular season of the Basketball Bundesliga, which is the top professional basketball league in Germany.


All-time great Dirk Nowitzki won the Basketball Bundesliga MVP award in 1999.
Malcolm Delaney won the Basketball Bundesliga MVP award in 2014.

Prior to 1994, the award was given as the German Player of the Year award, and was given to the "Best German Player" of the season, regardless of what league he played in. So to win the award, a player didn't even have to play in the German League. From 1994 onward, the German Player of the Year award was changed to instead mark the Most Valuable Player of the Basketball Bundesliga (German Basketball League).

Player (X) Name of the player and number of times they had won the award at that point (if more than one)
§ Denotes the club was Bundesliga champion in the same season
Denotes the player is still active in the BBL
German Player of the Year (1987–88 to 1992–93)
Season Player Position Nationality Team Ref(s)
1987–88 Mike Jackel Forward  West Germany BSC Saturn Köln
1988–89 Hansi Gnad Center  West Germany BSC Saturn Köln
1989–90 Henning Harnisch Forward  West Germany TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen
1990–91 Henning Harnisch (2) Forward  Germany TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen
1991–92 Detlef Schrempf Forward  Germany Indiana Pacers [1]
1992–93 Kai Nürnberger Guard  Germany TTL Bamberg
Basketball Bundesliga MVP (1993–94 to present)
1993–94 Teoman Alibegović Forward  Slovenia ALBA Berlin
1994–95 Michael Koch Guard  Germany TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen§
1995–96 Henrik Rödl Forward  Germany ALBA Berlin
1996–97 Wendell Alexis Forward  United States ALBA Berlin§
1997–98 Wendell Alexis (2) Forward  United States ALBA Berlin§
1998–99 Dirk Nowitzki Forward  Germany DJK Würzburg
1999–2000 Wendell Alexis (3) Forward  United States ALBA Berlin§
2000–01 Derrick Phelps Guard  United States ALBA Berlin [1]
2001–02 Wendell Alexis (4) Forward  United States ALBA Berlin§
2002–03 Jovo Stanojević Guard  Serbia and Montenegro ALBA Berlin§
2003–04 Pascal Roller Guard  Germany Opel Skyliners Frankfurt§
2004–05 Chris Williams Forward  United States Opel Skyliners Frankfurt [1]
2005–06 Jovo Stanojević (2) Center  Serbia and Montenegro ALBA Berlin
2006–07 Jerry Green Guard  United States EnBW Ludwigsburg
2007–08 Julius Jenkins^ Guard  United States ALBA Berlin§
2008–09 Jason Gardner Guard  United States EWE Baskets Oldenburg§ [2]
2009–10 Julius Jenkins (2)^ Guard  United States ALBA Berlin [3]
2010–11 DaShaun Wood Guard  United States Skyliners Frankfurt [4]
2011–12 John Bryant^ Center  United States ratiopharm ulm [5]
2012–13 John Bryant (2)^ Center  United States ratiopharm ulm [6]
2013–14 Malcolm Delaney Guard  United States Bayern Munich§ [7][8]
2014–15 Jamel McLean Center  United States ALBA Berlin [9]
2015–16 Brad Wanamaker Guard  United States Brose Baskets§ [10]
2016–17 Raymar Morgan Forward/Center  United States ratiopharm Ulm
2017–18 Luke Sikma^ Forward  United States Alba Berlin [11]
2018–19 Will Cummings^ Guard  United States EWE Baskets Oldenburg [12]

Awards won by player[edit]

Player Total
Wendell Alexis 4
Henning Harnisch 2
Jovo Stanojević 2
Julius Jenkins 2
John Bryant 2

Awards won by nationality[edit]

Country Total
 United States 19×
 West Germany /  Germany 10×
 FR Yugoslavia 2×
 Slovenia 1×

Awards won by club[edit]

Club Total
Alba Berlin 13×
Bayer 04 Leverkusen 3×
ratiopharm Ulm 3×
Skyliners Frankfurt 3×
BSC Saturn Köln 2×
Bamberg 2×
EWE Baskets Oldenburg 2×
DJK Würzburg 1×
EnBW Ludwigsburg 1×
Bayern Munich 1×


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