Battle of Jezzine (1941)

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Battle of Jezzine (1941)
Part of the Syria-Lebanon Campaign of World War II
Date13 June 1941
Result Australian victory

 Vichy France

Units involved
2/31st Battalion

The Battle of Jezzine (13 June 1941) was part of the Australian 7th Division's advance on Beirut during the five-week-long Syria-Lebanon campaign by the Allies against Vichy French forces in Syria and Lebanon. Jezzine, Lebanon, is about halfway between the Lebanese border with Palestine and Beirut.[1][2]

This battle was one of several hard-fought actions during the Australian advance on Beirut from Palestine.[3][4] Australian troops from the 25th Brigade (less the 2/33rd Battalion) attacked Jezzine on 13 June 1941, following the capture of Merdjayoun, which the Allies temporarily captured on 11 June 1941, allowing the commander of the Australian 7th Division, Major General John Lavarack to switch the 25th Brigade's focus north towards Jezzine, leaving a small force to hold Merdjayoun, which was later subjected to a heavy counter-attack.[5]

During the fighting for Jezzine, when his company suffered casualties from intense machine gun fire, Private Jim Gordon, 2/31st Battalion, took it upon himself to crawl forward and neutralise the Vichy position with rifle and bayonet. Gordon, originally from Rockingham, Western Australia, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions near Jezzine.[6] Jezzine Barracks in Townsville, Queensland, is named after this battle.[7]

Further east, on the coast, the Australian 21st Brigade attacked Sidon between 13 and 15 June, as part of the drive on Damour.[8] The day after Sidon fell, the Australians cut the road between Sidon and Jezzine.[9]



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Coordinates: 33°19′N 35°21′E / 33.32°N 35.35°E / 33.32; 35.35