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Blanca Alcalá Ruiz
Blanca Alcalá speaking at the "Inauguracion del auladel programa hablidades digitales para todos 'HDT-Cisco'" in Puebla, Mexico on April 15, 2010. The event was sponsored by Cisco and Digital Opportunity Trust.

Blanca Alcalá Ruiz is a Mexican politician. From 2008 to 2011, she served as the mayor of Puebla, the capital city of the State of Puebla in Mexico. She was the first woman mayor in history of the city. On August 2017 she was named Ambassador to Colombia.


  • Bachelor in International Relations
  • Master in Public Administration
  • PhD candidate in Public Administration

Political career[edit]

  • Mexican Ambassador to Colombia
  • Senator of the Republic LXII and LXIII legislature
  • Mayor of Puebla Period 2008-2011 (First woman elected)
  • Head of Ministry of Finance of 1998-1999. (First woman)
  • General Delegate of the National Bank of Public Works and Services.
  • Regional Development Deputy Secretary of Social Development.
  • Secretary of Social Development
  • Director of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of the Ministry of Economy of Puebla Government 1993-1995.
  • Undersecretary of SEDECAP
  • General Director of the State for Family Development.
  • General Director of the Institute of Women at Puebla.
  • President of the Southern Region of the National Federation of Municipalities of Mexico (FENAMM).
  • President of the Mexican Association of World Heritage Cities 2009.
  • Local Representative of H. LIII Legislature State Congress.
  • CEN Deputy PRI in the state of Colima.
  • Deputy General Secretary of the CNOP CEN.
  • Secretary General of the State Executive Committee of the PRI.
  • President of Municipal Committee of PRI in Puebla.
  • Member of the Political Council and Municipal State. Undersecretary of State Steering Committee Organization. PRI
  • Deputy Director of the Center for Political, Economic and Social.
  • Delegate District and Municipal Police.
  • Director of the National Association of Revolutionary Women Organization (ANFER).
  • Active member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party since 1981.

Supercentenarian relative[edit]

Preceded by
Enrique Doger Guerrero
Mayor of Puebla
Succeeded by
Eduardo Rivera Pérez

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