Bleak House (1959 TV serial)

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Bleak House (1959) is the first BBC adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel of the same name. It was adapted by Constance Cox as an eleven-part series of half-hour episodes first transmitted from 16 October 1959.

It stars Andrew Cruickshank in the role of John Jarndyce, Diana Fairfax as Esther Summerson, Colin Jeavons as Richard Carstone, Elizabeth Shepherd as Ada Clare, Iris Russell as Honoria, Lady Dedlock, Timothy Bateson as William Guppy, John Phillips as Mr. Tulkinghorne, David Horne as Sir Leicester Dedlock, Richard Pearson as Inspector Bucket, Malcolm Knight as Jo, Eileen Draycott as Mrs. Rouncewell, Jerome Willis as Mr. Woodcourt, Michael Aldridge as Mr. George, Nora Nicholson as Miss Flite, Annette Carell as Mlle. Hortense, and Angela Crow as Charley. The complete series still exists.[1]


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