Boy with a Spinning-Top

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Boy with a Spinning-Top
Jean Siméon Chardin - A Child with a Teetotum - WGA04755.jpg
ArtistJean Siméon Chardin
Dimensions67 cm × 76 cm (26 in × 30 in)

Boy with a Spinning-Top or Child with a Teetotum is a 1738 painting by Jean Siméon Chardin, now in the Louvre in Paris, which acquired it in 1907.[1]

It is based on a 1735 work now in the São Paulo Museum of Art and shows Auguste-Gabriel, son of the jeweller Charles Godefroy, contemplating a teetotum or spinning top, in line with Age of Enlightenment ideas on childhood and play, especially those of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. On the table in the background are an inkwell, a pen and books, whilst a drawer in the table is open to show a porte-crayon.


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