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Buses in Barcelona are a major form of public transport in Barcelona, with an extensive local and interurban bus network. There is also a network of night buses called Nitbus and a transitway system called RetBus is currently being set up, which is intended to complement the current local bus network. All bus routes serving Barcelona metropolitan area are organized by Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM). Local services are operated in most part by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB), although other bus services are operated by several private companies under common names.



Local buses[edit]

A typical TMB bus stop near Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys.

The local bus network is very extended and reaches all neighbourhoods in Barcelona including some municipalities attached to the city and the airport. Local buses are operated in most part by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) although there are some lines which are operated by private sector companies under contract to TMB. There are over 100 urban lines serving the city and most of them pass through two or more districts, covering relatively long distances within Barcelona. Because of this, some lines called Bus del Barri (meaning The Neighbourhood's Bus in Catalan) were created. These lines are operated by small buses and cover short-haul routes enabling access to various parts of the neighbourhood as the shopping area, health care services, education centers and other facilities.

Interurban buses[edit]

The interurban bus service links Barcelona with the other towns in the metropolitan area. See the timetables of the various buses by searching the AMB (Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona) website.


During the night, the company NitBus provides a night-time bus service in Barcelona and the first metropolitan ring with 17 lines. All of them, except the N0, go through Plaça de Catalunya, where you can change to other lines. [1]



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