Can Vies

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Can Vies
Centre Social Autogestionat Can Vies
The CSA Can Vies
General information
LocationSants, Barcelona
Coordinates41°22′27″N 2°08′05″E / 41.3741°N 2.1346°E / 41.3741; 2.1346
OwnerTransports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Can Vies (also known as Centre Social Autogestionat Can Vies) is a building located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona. Can Vies was built in 1879. It has been squatted ever since 1997 when a group of youths occupied it and began using it as their social and cultural center. The building is under the ownership of Barcelona's public transport operator Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona.[1] In late May 2014 riots had broken out in an attempt to stop the eviction of squatters.[2]


In May 2014 negotiations had taken place between the owners of the building and the city representatives. After the negotiations failed, the building was evicted on May 26 and the demolition works were initiated.[2] As a result, Barcelona experienced riots and protests during the following nights. The protests also spread to the cities of Valencia and Mallorca[1] The government sent an additional 200 police officers to Barcelona to help in dealing with the protests.[3]

In an attempt to stop the demolition, protesters built barricades and set the excavators on fire.[4] The local government announced on May 30 that the building would not be demolished.[5]


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