China National Highway 211

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Kokudou 211(China).svg

National Highway 211
Route information
Length645 km (401 mi)
Major junctions
FromYinchuan in Ningxia
ToXi'an in Shaanxi
Highway system
China National Highways

China National Highway 211 (G211) runs from Yinchuan in Ningxia to Xi'an in Shaanxi. It is 645 kilometres in length and runs southwest from Wuning in Ningxia and then turns southeast on a virtual straight line to Xi'an via primarily rural areas.

Route and distance[edit]

Route and distance
City Distance (km)
Yinchuan, Ningxia 0
Yongning, Ningxia 20
Wuzhong, Ningxia 59
Huanxian, Gansu 263
Qingyang, Gansu 354
Heshui, Gansu 385
Ningxian, Gansu 422
Xunyi, Shaanxi 536
Chunhua, Shaanxi 607
Sanyuan, Shaanxi 653
Xi'an, Shaanxi 691

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