Christine Gouze-Rénal

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Christine Gouze-Rénal (30 December 1914 − 25 October 2002) was a French film and television producer. A graduate in literature and art history and former Résistance member, she became in 1956 France's first female film producer with The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful, starring Brigitte Bardot.[1]

She produced a total of about 15 movies, the most celebrated being probably Jacques Demy's Une chambre en ville (1983).[1] From the 1970s onwards, she was also active as a television producer, with adaptations of works by Colette, Maupassant, Balzac and Buzzati. In 1985, she was awarded an honorary César for lifetime achievement.[2]

Gouze-Rénal was the wife of actor Roger Hanin and the elder sister of Danielle Mitterrand, wife of President François Mitterrand.[2]


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