College Green, London

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College Green

College Green (aka Abingdon Green,[1] formally known as Abingdon Street Gardens) is a small public park in the City of Westminster in Central London.[2] The gardens are situated behind Westminster Abbey, and to the east of Westminster Abbey Gardens and are adjacent to the Houses of Parliament.[2] The gardens are not enclosed and are accessible at all times.[2] During the Brexit discussions the park was closed due to semi-permanent TV broadcasting points and radio and media interview locations.

The park is a common place for television reporters to interview Members of Parliament.[3] Henry Moore's bronze sculpture Knife Edge Two Piece 1962–65 is located in the gardens.[2]

The gardens form the landscaped roof of a two-storey underground car park, and were constructed from 1963 to 1964.[4]

The site was originally in the River Thames, and separated from the College Garden of Westminster Abbey by a medieval wall with a watergate. Its name refers to the collegiate church of Westminster Abbey, which includes Westminster School.


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