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The Council of State (Luxembourgish: Staatsrot, French: Conseil d'État, German: Staatsrat) is an institution in Luxembourg that advises the national legislature, the Chamber of Deputies. Until 1 January 1997, it was also the country's supreme administrative court, but this function was ceded to the newly created Administrative Tribunal and Administrative Court.[1]

The Council of State was created by King-Grand Duke William III in the Coup of 1856. It was originally entirely appointed by the Grand Duke, but this was changed in 1866, and, despite the roll-back of many changes brought about by the coup, the Council of State has otherwise remained.[2]


The Council of State is composed of twenty-one councillors, who are appointed by the Grand Duke. Of these, at least eleven must hold doctorates in law.[3] Neither number applies to members of the Grand Ducal Family, who may be appointed as additional members of the Council.[3] Membership is restricted to Luxembourgian nationals, who are resident in the Grand Duchy, are in possession of their full civil and political rights, and are at least 30 years old.[3] The final restriction does not apply to the heir to the Grand Duchy, who may be appointed as soon as he or she is granted that title.

Current councillors[edit]

As of 23 November 2013, the members of the Council of State are:[4][5]

Position Name Nominator[6] Councillor since[7]
President Georges Wivenes CSV 1 August 2006
Vice Presidents Agnès Durdu DP 7 April 2006
Albert Rodesch LSAP 13 February 2003
Councillors Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke # Grand Duke 2006-06-1010 June 2006
Romain Nati LSAP 15 October 2004
René Kollwelter LSAP 29 April 2005
Marc Schaefer LSAP 18 December 2006
Patrick Santer CSV 27 April 2009
Lydie Lorang CSV[8] 2010-02-011 February 2010
Charles Lampers CSV [9] 28 February 2011
Martine Deprez CSV 31 October 2012
Christophe Schiltz LSAP 28 November 2013
Lucien Lux LSAP 24 December 2013
Mike Mathias Greens 28 April 2014
Alain Kinsch DP 4 February 2015
Marc Thewes CSV 4 February 2015
Jeannot Nies CSV 11 May 2015
Sam Tanson Greens 7 June 2015
Dan Theisen DP 10 June 2015
Héloïse Bock DP 25 July 2015
Marc Colas CSV 27 November 2015
Isabelle Schlesser 1 July 2016


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