Domitilla the Elder

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Domitilla the Elder
Flavia Domitilla Major.jpg
DiedBefore 69
Domitilla the Younger
DynastyFlavian (by marriage)
FatherFlavius Liberalis

Flavia Domitilla Major (Major, Latin for the elder) Flavia Domitilla the Elder or Domitilla the Elder (died before 69, perhaps c. 65) was the wife of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.[1]


Flavia Domitilla was born in Sabratha to Italian colonists who had moved there during the reign of Augustus. She was a daughter of Flavius Liberalis, a humble quaestor’s clerk. Before her marriage, she was a formal mistress to an equestrian.

Roman denarius depicting Flavia Domitilla Minor

Vespasian married her around AD 38. She was the mother of Domitilla the Younger and of the emperors Titus and Domitian. She died before Vespasian became emperor.

She was the grandmother of Saint Flavia Domitilla,[2] daughter of Domitilla the Younger.

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