Double sovereign

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Double sovereign
United Kingdom
Mass15.976 g
Diameter28.40 mm
Composition22 Carat Gold
Queen Victoria proof double sovereign MET DP100383.jpg
DesignReigning British monarch
Queen Victoria proof double sovereign MET DP100384.jpg
DesignSaint George and the Dragon
DesignerBenedetto Pistrucci
Design date1817

The Double sovereign is a gold coin of the United Kingdom, with a nominal value of two pound sterling or 40 shillings. It was first minted using the design by Benedetto Pistrucci in 1820 under the reign of George III and never entered circulation, instead being considered a pattern coin. As a precursor to the modern decimalised £2 coin it shares a similar diameter of 28.4 mm.[1]


The history of Double sovereigns can be traced back to 1485 when larger sovereign coins were minted using dies of the standard English sovereign, although not entering circulation they are thought to have been for presentation purposes as piedfort coins.

Following the introducing of the new British Sovereign coin in 1817, a special proof Double sovereign was minted in 1820 however like the previous double sovereign it never entered general circulation.[2] In 1887 for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee another double sovereign was issued, this time entering circulation for the first time.

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