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Ejner Bainkamp Johansson (7 March 1922 – 28 September 2001) was a Danish art historian, magister of art, writer and documentary film director.

Early life[edit]

Ejner Bainkamp Johansson was born in 1922 in Copenhagen. He was the son of a Swedish immigrant (who became a naturalised Danish citizen in 1927), Axel Robert Johansson, (b. 14. June 1897 Furuby, Småland, d. 25 January 1968 in Copenhagen), and a Danish mother, Margrethe Hansine Hansen (b. 22 April 1880 Skibby, d. 26 January 1952 Copenhagen).


Johansson got his magister of art in 1956 on art history. In 1967 he was employed as a television producer in Denmark's Radio with the arts as his specialty. Here he hosted a number of late night programs on art and culture.[1]

Johansson also assisted the Hirschsprung Collection with several exhibits.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Johansson had a son named Karsten Johansson (b. 1943) and through him was the grandfather of actors of Scarlett, Vanessa, Hunter and Adrian Johansson. According to Scarlett, she knows almost nothing about her grandfather. Even though she visited Denmark, she actually never met him due to his estrangement from her father.[2]


Johansson wrote a large number of cultural and art historical books. Some of them are:

  • Dansk marinemaleri i det nittende aarhundrede (1951)
  • Richard Mortensen (1962) (translated into English and French)
  • Omkring Frederiksholms Kanal (1964)
  • Andersens ansigter (1992)
  • De danske malere i München (1997)


Johanson received LO's Culture Prize in 1984. He received the N. L. Høyen Medal in 1998.[3]


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