Enzo Bordabehere

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Enzo Bordabehere
Enzo Bordabehere.jpg
Born(1889-09-25)25 September 1889
Died23 July 1935(1935-07-23) (aged 45)

Enzo Bordabehere (25 September 1889 – 23 July 1935) was an Argentine lawyer and politician. He was a National Senator for Santa Fe Province, and was assassinated in Congress during a session in the Argentine Senate.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, his family moved to Rosario in Santa Fe Province, Argentina, when he was a child. He studied law at the Provincial University of Santa Fe, and later became a Notary. in 1908 he joined the reformist Southern League, and six years later he was a co-founder of the Democratic Progressive Party, along with Lisandro de la Torre.[1]

In 1918 he was elected as representative to the provincial Congress, and in 1922 to the national Congress as a Representative for the same province. In 1935, the provincial legislature named him federal Senator to replace Francisco Correa, who had died earlier.

Bordabehere was never sworn into Congress. The paperwork for his acceptance was delayed until the conclusion of the debate surrounding the issue of meat exports to Great Britain.[1]


Bordabehere's funeral, with Lisandro de la Torre.

On 23 July 1935 Bordabehere arrived for the tragic Senate session where he would be murdered. On that day, Lisandro de la Torre, Senator for Santa Fe Province, was announcing his opposition to and the consequences of the signing of the Roca-Runciman Treaty of 1933. Agriculture Minister Luis Duhau and Economy Minister Federico Pinedo attended to the Senate Chambers for 13 consecutive days to defend against the charges.

The end of the debate came when de la Torre left his seat and walked to the minister's table and fell when he was hit by Duhau. Bordabehere who was near, moved to help de la Torre. In that moment of confusion, behind Bordabehere a pay-for killer – that is how the Crítica newspaper described him – Ramón Valdez Cora, with a gun in his hand, shot twice at his back and when the victim turned, he shot Bordabehere again on his chest.[2]

Prone on the floor, Bordabehere was picked up by several legislators and moved to a nearby room and later moved to the Ramos Mejía Hospital, while being treated by the Senate doctor Wybert and his assistants. The help was to no avail, as he died at 5:10pm that day.[3]

His body was moved to the city of Rosario where his arrival was attended by more than 12 thousand people at the Rosario Norte Station.[1] The funeral took place at the local Police Headquarters, and he was buried at the El Salvador Cemetery, where there were numerous speeches by politicians, the press and members of Rosario's society.


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