Expressway S2 (Poland)

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Expressway S2
Droga ekspresowa S2
Route information
Part of E30
Maintained by GDDKiA
Length15.3 km (9.5 mi)
33.95 km (21.10 mi) planned
Major junctions
FromA2-PL.svg A2 west of Warsaw
 S8-PL.svg S8 SW of Warsaw

S79-PL.svg S79 near Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport
S7-PL.svg S7 near Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport

S17-PL.svg S17 east of Warsaw(planned)
ToA2-PL.svg A2 east of Warsaw (planned)
Major citiesWarsaw
Highway system
National roads in Poland
Puławska Exit
The S2 south of Warsaw-Okecie Airport,Interchange "Opacz", view on S7 in Kraków direction, September 2013

Expressway S2 forms part of the southern section of the planned Warsaw Express Ring Road and is also the extension of the motorway A2 from the west, which will eventually link to the rest of the motorway A2, east of Warsaw. At present, about one half of the road (the western section) has been built, while the other half (the eastern section) is scheduled to be completed in August 2020.[1] The road has been planned since the 1970s, initially as part of a motorway, however after local Warsaw residents objected to the plans of an inner-city motorway, the proposed road was downgraded to an expressway, though the actual route was not changed.

Construction of the first phase of the project was divided into two sections. Work on a 3.9 km stretch between Warszawa Lotnisko junction (linking to expressway S79) and Puławska junction at the eastern end of this phase of the project began in September 2009,[2] while construction of the other, 11.1 km long section between the western Konotopa junction (linking the motorway A2 and the western portion of the ring road, expressway S8) and Warszawa Lotnisko junction, began in the Summer of 2010.[3]

Both sections were scheduled to be completed in mid 2012 in time for the Euro 2012 football championships, however this deadline was not achieved.[4] The S2 Expressway was eventually opened in a number of stages, beginning in the west at Konotopa junction in August 2013, with further sections opening in September 2013, linking the road with expressway S79 leading to Chopin International Airport. The final part of this phase of the project up to Puławska junction was opened in late September 2013.

The second phase of the project will take the expressway S2 east of Puławska across the Vistula river, through the new bridge, connecting the route with the eastern part of the Warsaw Express Ring Road and the continuation of the motorway A2 eastwards. The design-and-build tender for this section (divided into 3 separate contracts) was announced on December 18 2013, with completion date specified as 41 months from the date contract is signed (not counting 3 winter months).[5] The contract was signed in December, 2015, with completion planned for August, 2020.[1]

The contracts are:

  • Contract A (4.6 km) including tunnel under Ursynów : Astaldi S.p.A., price about 1 222 mln zł.
  • Contract B (6.45 km) including bridge over Vistula river: Gulermak Agir Sanayi Inssat ve Taahhut A.S. and PBDiM Mińsk Maz. , price about 757.6 mln zł.
  • Contract C (7.45 km) including overpasses in Masovian Landscape Park: Warbud S.A. price about 561.7 mln zł.
  • Oversight: Egis Polska Inżynieria Sp. z o.o., price about 53.4 mln zł.

Route description[edit]

Exit number Name of exit Connected roads Mileage from beginning State of road History of construction Notes
1 Konotopa A2S7S8E30E67E77 0 km Done Started tender: 28.03.2009(cancelled)

New tender results: 9.02.2010.

Cost of construction to Warszawa-Lotnisko: 908.050.715,86 zł(approx. €215 mln.)

Opened: 31.07.2013 (no access to S2)

Construction: From 06.2010-24.12.2013

Western terminus
2 Aleje Jerozolimskie DW719 4.3 km (2.67 mi) Entrance from NE-bound carriageway to SE-bound carriageway only (opened 8.09.2013), exit from NW-bound carriageway to SW-bound carriageway only (opened 24.12.2013). Accessible only from collector-distributor road.
3 Opacz DK7S8E67E77 6.4 km (3.98 mi) Opened 24.12.2013
4 Al. Krakowska 8.1 km (5.03 mi) Accessible only from collector-distributor road
5 Warszawa-Lotnisko S79 13.3 km (8.26 mi) From 2010-6.09.2013 Planned S7 towards Kraków
6 Puławska DK2DK79E30 15.3 km (9.51 mi) * Contract signed on 10.08.2009
  • Construction: From 16.09.2009-18.09.2013

Cost (S79 included):

1.123 bln zł(approx. €270 mln.)

Eastern terminus in existence
7 Ursynów-Zachód Design and build contract signed, expected opening: August 2020 Tender announced in 2013, accounted price: 2993.66 mln zł(approx. €710 mln), contract signed December 2015, completion planned for August, 2020 [1]
8 Ursynów-Wschód
9 Przyczółkowa DW724
10 Czerniakowska Bis Proposed junction
11 Wał Miedzeszyński DW801
12 Patriotów
13 Lubelska A2S17E30E372 Tendered as well Planned eastern terminus


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