Faliro Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre

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During the 2004 Olympics

The Faliro Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre is a stadium in the Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex that hosted the beach volleyball competition for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. The stadium holds a total of 9,600 individuals, though the public seating capacity was limited to 7,300 during the Olympics. The stadium was officially opened on August 2, 2004, a few weeks before the Olympics, though test events were held at the site a year earlier.

As of August 2014, the venue was in a state of disuse, and was overgrown with plants.[1]

In May 8, 2016 Hellenic Parliament passed law by which Centre was given to Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights. The stadium is proposed to become rebuilt to a courtroom.[2]


37°56′26.26″N 23°40′57.63″E / 37.9406278°N 23.6826750°E / 37.9406278; 23.6826750