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The food industry of Russia is a branch of industry in Russia.

The volume of production in the manufacture of food products and tobacco - 3.12 trillion rubles (in 2010), including:[1]

  • Food production - 2.952 trillion rubles;
  • Manufacture of tobacco products - 164 billion rubles.

In 2008, Russia produced 2.9 million tons of meat, 2.5 million tons of sausages, 3.7 million tonnes of food fish production, 2.5 million tons of vegetable oil, 120 tons of tea, 413 million dal of mineral water.[2]

The average monthly wage in the food and tobacco - 16982 rubles / month (March 2010).[3]


In 2003 the volume of production in the food industry was 987 billion rubles (over $32 billion).

The volume of production in the manufacture of food products and tobacco in 2009 amounted to 2.77 trillion rubles, including:[1]

  • Food production - 2.626 trillion rubles;
  • Manufacture of tobacco products - 148 billion rubles.


Alcoholic beverage industry and winemaking[edit]

In 2008, Russia produced 50 million dal of wine grape.[2]

Novorossiysk region (Krasnodar Krai) is one of the main wine centers of Russia. Local agro produce and tablespoons Sparkling wine.

In the municipality of Novorossiysk work wineries Abrau-Dyurso and "Myskhako."

In 2009, Russia exported vodka in the amount of 121 million dollars.[4]



In 2008, Russia produced 1.14 billion decaliters.[2]


Manufacture of soft drinks[edit]

Plant Pepsi (OOO "Pepsi International Bottlers Yekaterinburg") - the largest in the Russian plant of PepsiCo, provides consumer products from Perm to Beijing a. In 2008 at the opening of the first factory in Russia and in the world[8] production line beverage radically new technologies - hot filling. The estimated production capacity of the plant after a new line of 25 million units per year.


Dairy industry[edit]

Dairy cattle in Russia


  • OAO "Miassky dairy factory", from 1936 - the production of dairy products
  • Kiprinsky dairy plant
  • Wimm-Bill-Dann - a company engaged in the production of dairy products and non-alcoholic beverages (juice, water).
  • Unimilk - Russian Food Company, one of the leaders of the country's dairy market.


Potato production in Russia, 1979
Wheat in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia

Meat industry[edit]

Tobacco industry[edit]

In Russia there are about 80 tobacco companies. Leading companies tobacco industry: ABC Russia (Moscow), Inc. Liggett-Ducat (Moscow), Inc. Petro (St. Petersburg) Ltd Tobacco Factory Reemtsma-Volga (Volgograd).

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