Francesco Lorusso

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Pierfrancesco Lorusso (Bologna, 7 October 1952 – Bologna, 11 March 1977), generally known as Francesco Lorusso, was an Italian militant of the far-left organization Lotta Continua who was shot dead by carabinieri in Bologna on 11 March 1977 during the riots of that year.


Lorusso was killed when police intervened during a confrontation between left-wing militants and Communion and Liberation, a right-wing militant Catholic group. The then Prime Minister of Italy Giulio Andreotti remarked on TV, that this killing was "normal and inevitable".[1] The Italian Communist Party (PCI), the first Party in Bologna, did not participate. The only historical left-wing organization that took part in the funeral of Lorusso was the Youth Socialist Federation, with its secretary Emilio Lonardo.


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