Golden Warrior Monument

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Golden Warrior Monument
Kazakh: Altan Adam
Golden Man on top of the Independence Monument.jpg
The Statue of the Golden Man
Coordinates43°14′18.8″N 76°56′44″E / 43.238556°N 76.94556°E / 43.238556; 76.94556Coordinates: 43°14′18.8″N 76°56′44″E / 43.238556°N 76.94556°E / 43.238556; 76.94556
LocationAlmaty, Kazakhstan
Completion date2006
Opening dateyes
Dedicated toThe independence of the state of Kazakhstan

The Golden Warrior Monument, also known as the Golden Man Statue or the Statue of the Golden Warrior, stands on Republic Square in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. The monument celebrates the independence of Kazakhstan, the identity of its people, and the role of the city of Almaty as capital of Kazakhstan until 1997 when the capital moved to Astana.[1] The statue, a Saka warrior and a barys,[2] stands atop a 91 feet (28 m) tall column.[1]

The design of the monument was inspired by Kazakh folklore and the 1969 archaeological discovery of an 18 year old Second or Third Century BC Saka or Scythian noble buried in a golden suit of armor with a sizable hoard of gold, earning him the moniker "Golden Man" (Russian: Zolotoi Chelovek).[1][2]


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