Gonzo: Photographs by Hunter S. Thompson

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First edition

GONZO: Photographs By Hunter S. Thompson is a limited-edition 224 page visual biography of photographs taken by, or of, Hunter S. Thompson, published in late 2006 by AMMO Books. Thompson's snapshots were a combination of the subjects he was covering, stylized self-portraits, and artistic still life photos. The London Observer called the photos "astonishingly good" and that "Thompson's pictures remind us, brilliantly in every sense, of very real people, real colours".[1] With an introduction by Johnny Depp (a friend of Thompson, and portrayer of his author surrogate, Raoul Duke, in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), the book stands as the only authorized biography of Hunter S. Thompson ever published. Together with AMMO publisher Steve Crist, Thompson was deeply involved in the book's creation in the final months of his life, and it was the author's final work in progress when he committed suicide in February 2005.


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