Governor of Santa Fe Province

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The governor of the Argentine province of Santa Fe is the highest executive officeholder of the province.

Selection of governors[edit]

According to the provincial constitution (sanctioned in 1962),[1] the governor is elected by the simple majority of the popular vote, along with a vice governor, for a four-year term, and cannot be reelected consecutively. He or she must be a native Argentine citizen or the child of a native citizen, and must either have been born in the province or resided there continuously during the two years prior to the election.

Current governor[edit]

The current governor of Santa Fe is the socialist Miguel Lifschitz, who was elected on 25 October 2015.

Governors of Santa Fe[edit]

Former Formula One driver Carlos Reutemann was governor in two terms from 1991–1995 and also from 1999–2003.

List of caudillos[edit]

Name Term Notes
Francisco Antonio Candioti 1815-1815
Juan Francisco Tarragona 1815–1816
Mariano Vera 1816–1818
Estanislao López 1818–1838

List of lieutenant governors[edit]


List of governors[edit]

Name Term Notes
Francisco Antonio Candioti 1815–1815
Juan Francisco Tarragona 1815–1816
Mariano Vera 1816–1818
Estanislao López 1818–1838
Domingo Cullen 1838–1838 Forced to resign and go into exile after interprovincial dispute about international relations, and dispute concerning constitutional duties of provinces in international disputes concerning relations individual provinces as part of the federation.
Juan Pablo López 1838–1842
Pascual Echagüe 1842–1845 13th governor
Juan Pablo López 1845–1845
Pascual Echagüe 1845–1851 15th governor
Domingo Crespo 1851–1854
José María Cullen 1854– Son of Domingo Cullen
Tomás Cullen Son of Domingo Cullen
Pascual Rosas −1862
Patricio Cullen 1862–1865 First governor selected under the constitution of 1856. Son of Domingo Cullen.
Nicasio Oroño 1865–1868 Son-in-law of Domingo Cullen
Mariano Cabal 1868–1871 Son-in-law of Patricio Cullen
Simón de Iriondo 1871–1874
Servando Bayo 1874–1878
Simón de Iriondo 1878–1882
Manuel María Zavalla 1882–1886
José Gálvez 1886–1890
Juan Manuel Cafferata 1890–1893
Luciano Leiva 1893–
José Bernardo Iturraspe Son-in-law of Patricio Cullen
Enrique Mosca 1920–
Luis Cárcamo −1958
Carlos Sylvestre Begnis 1958–1962
Aldo Tessio 1963–1966
Carlos Sylvestre Begnis 1966–
Aldo Tessio −1973
Carlos Sylvestre Begnis 1973–1976
José María Vernet 1976–1979
Héctor Salvi 1979–1983
José María Vernet 1983–1987
Víctor Reviglio 1987–1991
Carlos Reutemann 1991–1995
Jorge Obeid 1995–1999
Carlos Reutemann 1999–2003
Jorge Obeid 2003–2007
Hermes Binner 2007–2011
Antonio Bonfatti 2011–2015
Miguel Lifschitz 2015–present


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