Gulf of Alexandretta

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Gulf of Alexandretta (İskenderun) in Hatay Province, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, near the border with Syria

The Gulf of Alexandretta or İskenderun (Turkish: İskenderun Körfezi) is a gulf of the eastern Mediterranean or Levantine Sea. It lies beside the southern Turkish provinces of Adana and Hatay.


The gulf is named for the nearby Turkish city of İskenderun, the classical Alexandretta. It was also formerly known as the Sea or Gulf of Issus (Latin: Mare Issicum or Issicus Sinus)[1] (Ancient Greek: Ἰσσικὸς κόλπος)[2][3]. Herodotus and Stephanus of Byzantium[4] also records it as the Marandynian Bay (Ancient Greek: Μυριανδρικὸς κόλπος), after the nearby town of Myriandrus.[5]


The Gulf of Alexandretta forms the easternmost bay or inlet of the Mediterranean Sea. It lies beside the southern coast of Turkey, near its border with Syria. In antiquity, the adjacent Nur Mountains were usually thought to separate the regions of Cilicia and Syria, although Herodotus at one point places the division further south at Ras al-Bassit (the classical Posidium).

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Coordinates: 36°45′N 36°00′E / 36.750°N 36.000°E / 36.750; 36.000