Gustav Heinrich Otth

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Gustav Heinrich Otth (2 June 1806, Bern – 8 November 1874) was a Swiss mycologist and military officer.[1] He was the brother of naturalist Carl Adolf Otth (1803-1839).[2]

Known for his taxonomic research, Otth described Pucciniastrum,[3] a genus of rust fungi within the family Pucciniastraceae.[4] He was the binomial author of a number of species within the genus Peronospora.[5]

The fungi genus Otthia (Nitschke ex Fuckel) is reportedly named after his brother, naturalist Carl Adolf Otth.[2][6]

Associated publications[edit]

  • "Ueber die Brand- und Rostpilze: vorgetragen den 23. Februar und 9. März 1861", (1861).
  • "Gustav Otth ein bernischer Pilzforscher, 1806-1874", (1908, with E. Fischer).[7]


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