Hawaii Volcanoes Wilderness

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Hawaii Volcanoes Wilderness
IUCN category Ib (wilderness area)
Hawaii Volcanoes Wilderness.jpg
LocationHawaii County, Hawaii, USA
Nearest cityPahala, Hawaii
Coordinates19°15′40″N 155°19′12″W / 19.26111°N 155.32000°W / 19.26111; -155.32000Coordinates: 19°15′40″N 155°19′12″W / 19.26111°N 155.32000°W / 19.26111; -155.32000
Area130,790 acres (529 km2)
Governing bodyNational Park Service

Hawaii Volcanoes Wilderness is a designated wilderness area within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the island of Hawaii in the U.S. state of Hawaii. It was designated in 1978 with 123,100 acres (498 km2), and was later expanded to 130,790 acres (529 km2).[1] Wilderness designation covers the northwestern extension of the National Park, including Mokuaweoweo, the summit of the volcano Mauna Loa. In the southwestern portion of the park, a large chunk of wilderness includes several miles of coastline, a small portion southeast of the visitors center, and the ʻOlaʻa Forest, which is separate from and just north of the park.[2]

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