Hugo Huntzinger

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Hugo Huntzinger
Hugo Harold Huntzinger

DiedNovember 22, 1993(1993-11-22) (aged 59)
Nationality United States
Alma materSan Jose State University
Known forNature conservation
Scientific career
FieldsGeology, mineralogy, volcanology, Nature conservation
InstitutionsNational Park Service
Hugo Huntzinger signature.jpg

Hugo H. Huntzinger ([unknown date], 1934, Los Angeles, California — November 22, 1993, Hilo, Hawaii) — long time National Park Service executive in Hawaii, chief ranger at the United States National Parks.


He was born in 1934 in Los Angeles in family of Harold and Sophia S. Huntzinger. He has brother, David and sister, Sonya (Hager).[1] His grandmother came to USA from Pinsk, Russian Empire, so he traveled to see Russia in summer 1992.[2]

Graduated of San Jose State University as а geologist. He collected minerals and rocks from all over the world, and even sell and exchange them in Hilo farmers market.

He served in the United States Army in Korea, where he met his wife.

In 1990th he was member of the Rotary Club in Hawaii. Supperted PSI Seminars in Hawaii.

National Park Service career[edit]

External image
Hugo Huntzinger (right).
NPS Operations class, 1964.

From 1957 he was with the National Park Service for 36 years in his career.

From August 2, 1970 till May 25 1974[3] he was superintendent of the Coronado National Memorial.[4] In 1971 he updated the National Park Service policy[5].

From May 26, 1974 till December 19, 1987 he was Haleakala National Park superintendent. He established goat control program at the Haleaka National Park and reduce its number from 4000 to 400.[6] He established strong programs in biological preservation.

H. Huntzinger with volunteers in a park, 1990

From December 20, 1987 he served as Hawaii Volcanoes National Park superintendent[7]

Huntzinger was an opponent of noisy stressful to the nature helicopter sight-seeing operations in both parks.

He also believes that the proposed Commercial Satellite Launching Facility represents a "direct threat" to this natural heritage site.[8]

He died in the morning November 22, 1993 while en route to Hilo Hospital. His memorial service held in November 27, on the edge of the Halemaumau Crater, Kilauea Overlook, Crater Rim Drive of Hawaii Volcanoes.[9]


With his wife Kyung Ja, he had a son, Lorenz, and a daughter, Frances Rizzo.


Member of organisations:


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He was mentioned and acknowledged in papers:

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