Ikeda Sen

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Ikeda Sen
Ikeda prince de Bizen.svg
Personal details
Died17th century
Military service
AllegianceMon-Oda.png Oda clan
Goshichi no kiri inverted.svg Toyotomi clan
Tokugawa family crest.svg Tokugawa clan
UnitJapanese Crest Bizenn Chou.svg Ikeda clan
CommandsCommander of a female Teppō unit

Ikeda Sen (池田せん) or Annyo-in (若御前) was a late-Sengoku period female samurai and onna-bugeisha. She was the daughter of Ikeda Tsuneoki and the older sister of Ikeda Terumasa. Mori Nagayoshi (older brother of Mori Ranmaru) was her first husband. She was a woman trained in martial arts and was commander of a unit that consisted of 200 female musketeers.[1]


Ikeda Sen served the Oda clan alongside her family. Ikeda Sen volunteered for the army of the Toyotomi clan, she led a unit of Teppō, or Musketeer's unit, which consisted of 200 women. In the Battle of Shizugatake (1583), Ikeda Sen fought with her Teppō unit along with Oda Nobukatsu in the Gifu Castle defended by Oda Nobutaka. After Shibata Katsuie committed suicide with his wife Oichi in Kitanosho Castle, Oda Nobutaka surrenders.

In 1584, Ikeda Sen joined with Tsuneoki, Nagayoshi, and Terumasa in fighting for Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. Her father and her husband died during the battle, her brother Ikeda Terumasa survived, succeeding Tsuneoki as leader of the Ikeda clan. Later she marries Nakamura Kazuuji.[1]

Ikeda Sen had land in her own right, in the historiography ''Tōdaiki'' (当代記) there is a description that she has received fiefdoms with a recipe equivalent to 10,000 koku, details are unknown.[2]

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