Jorge Emilio González Martínez

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Jorge Emilio González Martínez
Deputy of the Congress of the Union
for the 3rd Circumscription
Assumed office
1 September 2018
ConstituencyQuintana Roo
Deputy of the Congress of the Union
for the 4th Circumscription
In office
1 September 1997 – 31 August 2000
ConstituencyFederal District
Personal details
Born (1972-04-16) 16 April 1972 (age 46)
Federal District, Mexico
Political partyPVE dark logo (Mexico).svg PVEM

Jorge Emilio González Martínez (born 16 April 1972 in Mexico City), popularly known as El Niño Verde (the Green Boy), is a Mexican politician affiliated with the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM). He serves as a senator in the LXII Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Quintana Roo. He also served as a senator from 2000 to 2006 and as a federal deputy from 1997 to 2000.[1]

González Martínez took over leadership of the PVEM in 2001 from his father, Jorge González Torres, who founded the party in 1986. His uncle Víctor González Torres is the owner of the Farmacias Similares drugstore franchise and was a write-in candidate for president in 2006. His maternal grandfather, Emilio Martínez Manatou, was an Institutional Revolutionary Party congressman, presidential hopeful in 1970 and the governor of Tamaulipas from 1981 to 1987.[2]


In February 2004 as part of the Mexican Videoscandals, a grainy hidden-camera video aired on Mexican television, showing González Martínez allegedly negotiating a $2 million bribe to assist in the development of a hotel in an ecologically protected area near Cancún. González Martínez at first claimed that the video was fake, then claimed he was part of a sting to expose crooked developers, before finally claiming that the video was part of a smear campaign set up by the Vicente Fox administration.[3][4]

In April 2011, González Martínez was hosting a party in his apartment when a 25-year-old Bulgarian woman, Galina Chankova Chaneva, fell from the 19th floor of the Emerald Residential Tower in Cancún, in which at least 15 apartments are owned by González Martínez and several PVEM officials.[5][6] Quintana Roo's attorney general determined that Chankova Chaneva's death was a suicide and a criminal investigation was not pursued.[7]

Regarding this information, Jorge Emilio González declared on an interview to a local newspaper last March that the apartment where the accident had taken place did not belong to him and that it had been rented by Valentinov Danchev Kaloyan, a Bulgarian citizen residing in Cancun who is the local sales director of Vidanta, a well known real estate company in Riviera Maya.[8]

In February 2013, González Martínez was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Mexico City. He reportedly gave police officers a fake name and refused to take a breathalyzer test. González Martínez's bodyguards also reportedly attempted to bribe the police, and then tried to forcibly free him from police custody.[9][10] A video game parodying the incident was made available for download.[11]


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