Juan Valdez (governor)

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Juan Valdez
8ºGovernor of the Spanish Colony of Texas
In office
Preceded by Pedro Fermin de Echevers y Subisa
Succeeded by Martín de Alarcón
Personal details
Profession political

Juan Valdez (?–?) was Gobernor of Texas and Coahuila, lieutenant general and alcalde (mayor) of the presidio and villa of Bexar in 1714 and 1716.


Juan Valdez was elected governor of Texas[1] and Coahuila[2] on two occasions: the first was in 1714 and the second in 1716. He was mayor of the presidio of villa of Bexar (San Antonio, Texas) in 1720. During his mayoralty in Bexar, he established a mission in a place of San Jose and San Miguel de Aguayo, under orders of the viceroy of New Spain,[1] even after that Father Antonio de Olivares filed a petition asking that the mission is not done in Zacatecas (in modern Mexico) [1][3] as it had been planned for establish a new mission.[3]


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