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Jukei-ni (寿桂尼, d. April 11, 1568) was a Japanese woman from the Sengoku period. She was born in the aristocrat Nakamikado Family of Kyoto. She was the wife of Imagawa Ujichika and mother of Imagawa Ujiteru and Imagawa Yoshimoto. She acted as guardian and advisor for Ujiteru, Yoshimoto and her grandson Imagawa Ujizane. For having passed four generations of Daimyos, Jukei-ni had great political power in Suruga, Totomi, and Mikawa provinces and was known as "Female Daimyō" of Imagawa clan.[1] She died in 1568 at almost 80 years of age and is said to have truly been the last pillar of the Imagawa family as Sengoku Daimyo. Diplomatic relations between Imagawa and Takeda collapsed after the death of Jukei-ni, and in December of the same year Takeda Shigen began the invasion in the region of Imagawa (Invasion of the Suruga). Because of this crisis, Imagawa Ujizane surrenders to Tokugawa Ieyasu the following year.[2]


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