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The Sportsperson of the Year awards are a group of awards awarded to the most popular Luxembourgish sportsperson of the preceding year. There are two main categories: one for men (French: Trophée du Meilleur Sportif), and one for women (Trophée de la Meilleure Sportive). Other awards are given for the best team (Challenge de la Meilleure Equipe), best young sportsperson (Prix du Jeune Espoir), most honorable sportsperson (Prix d'Honneur), and for fair play (Prix du Fair play). The current holders of the main awards are Bob Jungels and Christine Majerus, while the team award is held by F91 Dudelange.

List of winners[edit]


From 1954 until 1965, there was a single title of "Sportsperson of the Year", awarded to either a male or female sportsperson.

Year Winner Sport
1954 Charly Gaul Cycling
1955 Charly Gaul Cycling
1956 Charly Gaul Cycling
1957 Josy Stoffel Gymnastics
1958 Charly Gaul Cycling
1959 Jean Link Fencing
1960 Josy Stoffel Gymnastics
1961 Sylvie Hülsemann Water skiing
1962 Norbert Haupert Athletics
1963 Norbert Haupert Athletics
1964 Charles Sowa Walking
1965 René Kilburg Athletics

1966 onwards[edit]

It was decided to divide the contest into two from 1966, with separate categories for men and for women, as it has remained since.

Year Sportsman of the Year Sportswoman of the Year
Winner Sport Winner Sport
1966 René Kilburg Athletics Sylvie Hülsemann Water skiing
1967 Charles Sowa Walking Colette Flesch Fencing
1968 Louis Pilot Football Sylvie Hülsemann Water skiing
1969 Louis Pilot Football Annette Berger Athletics
1970 Nicolas Koob Motor racing Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1971 Charles Sowa Walking Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1972 Charles Sowa Walking Nelly Wies Archery
1973 Robert Schiel Fencing Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1974 Marcel Balthasar Archery Berty Krier Table tennis
1975 Roland Bombardella Athletics Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1976 Roland Bombardella Athletics Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1977 Roland Bombardella Athletics Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1978 Roland Bombardella Athletics Jeanny Dom Table tennis
1979 Lucien Didier Cycling Carine Risch Table tennis
1980 Justin Gloden Athletics Carine Risch Table tennis
1981 Fonsy Grethen Billiards Carine Risch Table tennis
1982 Roland Jacoby Shooting Carine Risch Table tennis
1983 Roland Jacoby Shooting Jeannette Goergen Archery
1984 Raymond Conzemius Athletics Jeannette Goergen Archery
1985 Claude Michely Cycling Danièle Kaber Athletics
1986 Fonsy Grethen Billiards Danièle Kaber Athletics
1987 Robby Langers Football Nancy Arendt Swimming
1988 Marc Girardelli Skiing Danièle Kaber Athletics
1989 Marc Girardelli Skiing Nancy Arendt Swimming
1990 Guy Hellers Football Marion Hammang Weightlifting
1991 Marc Girardelli Skiing Malou Thill Weightlifting
1992 Eugène Berger Mountaineering Marion Hammang Weightlifting
1993 Marc Girardelli Skiing Anne Kremer Tennis
1994 Marc Girardelli Skiing Raymonde Moes Karate
1995 Guy Hellers Football Nancy Kemp-Arendt Triathlon
1996 Marc Girardelli Skiing Nancy Kemp-Arendt Triathlon
1997 Christian Poos Cycling Nancy Kemp-Arendt Triathlon
1998 Dan Dethier Triathlon Anne Kremer Tennis
1999 Jeff Strasser Football Anne Kremer Tennis
2000 Kim Kirchen Cycling Nancy Kemp-Arendt Triathlon
2001 Jeff Strasser Football Ni Xia Lian Table tennis
2002 David Fiegen Athletics Tessy Scholtes Karate
2003 Kim Kirchen Cycling Claudine Schaul Tennis
2004 Kim Kirchen Cycling Elizabeth May Triathlon
2005 Kim Kirchen Cycling Elizabeth May Triathlon
2006 Fränk Schleck Cycling Elizabeth May Triathlon
2007 Kim Kirchen Cycling Elizabeth May Triathlon
2008 Kim Kirchen Cycling Marie Muller Judo
2009 Andy Schleck Cycling Elizabeth May Triathlon
2010 Andy Schleck Cycling Marie Muller Judo
2011 Andy Schleck Cycling Mandy Minella Tennis
2012 Laurent Carnol Swimming Marie Muller Judo
2013 Dirk Bockel Triathlon Christine Majerus Cycling
2014 Gilles Müller Tennis Jenny Warling Karate
2015 Gilles Muller Tennis Christine Majerus Cycling
2016 Gilles Muller Tennis Christine Majerus Cycling
2017 Gilles Muller Tennis Christine Majerus Cycling
2018 Bob Jungels Cycling Christine Majerus Cycling

Luxembourgish Team of the Year[edit]

This 3rd annual award was first give out in 1962.[1]

Year Winner
1962 BBC Etzella Ettelbruck
1963 Luxembourg national football team
1964 HB Dudelange
1965 DT Red Boys Differdange
1966 Militärliichtathletikequipe
1967 HB Dudelange
1968 Jeunesse Esch
1969 Jeunesse Esch
1970 HB Dudelange
1971 Women's Table Tennis national team
1972 Table Tennis National Team
1973 Deegen-Nationalequipe
1974 Table Tennis Europaliga-Luxembourg Women's
1975 Table Tennis Europaliga-Luxembourg Women's
1976 T71 Dudelange
1977 Table Tennis Europaliga-Team
1978 Table Tennis Europaliga-Team
1979 FA Red Boys Differdange
1980 Luxembourg national football team
1981 Handball national team
1982 Table Tennis Europaliga-Team
1983 Table Tennis Europaliga-Team
1984 Luxembourg national basketball team
1985 Sporting Luxembourg Women
1986 Jeunesse Esch
1987 Luxembourg national football team
1988 Luxembourg national football team
1989 Luxembourg national football team
1990 Luxembourg national football team
1991 Luxembourg national football team
1992 Luxembourg Davis Cup team
1993 Men's Table Tennis national team
1994 Table Tennis Europaliga-Team
1995 Luxembourg national football team
1996 Table Tennis Europaliga-Luxembourg Women's
1997 Women's Table Tennis national team
1998 Women's Table Tennis national team
1999 Women's Table Tennis national team
2000 Table Tennis Doubles Ni-Regenwetter
2001 Women's Table Tennis national team
2002 Women's Table Tennis national team
2003 Luxembourg Davis Cup team
2004 Luxembourg Davis Cup team
2005 Guy Rosen together with Viktoriya Fadina (Dance)
2006 Luxembourg Davis Cup team
2007 Luxembourg national football team
2008 Luxembourg national football team
2009 Women's Table Tennis national team
2010 Handball Esch
2011 Luxembourg national football team
2012 F91 Dudelange
2013 Handball Esch
2014 Luxembourg Women's Table Tennis
2015 Luxembourg Women's Table Tennis
2016 Luxembourg Women's Table Tennis
2017 Luxembourg national football team
2018 F91 Dudelange

Individual statistics[edit]

Winners of more than three titles[edit]

Name Sport Titles
Jeanny Dom Table tennis 7
Marc Girardelli Skiing 6
Nancy Kemp-Arendt Swimming, triathlon 6
Kim Kirchen Cycling 6
Christine Majerus Cycling 5
Roland Bombardella Athletics 4
Charly Gaul Cycling 4
Carine Risch Table tennis 4
Charles Sowa Walking 4
Elizabeth May Triathlon 4
Gilles Muller Tennis 4
Sylvie Hülsemann Water skiing 3
Danièle Kaber Athletics 3
Anne Kremer Tennis 3
Andy Schleck Cycling 3
Marie Muller Judo 3

Titles by sport[edit]

Not including team of the year award.

Sport Sportspersons Titles
Cycling 8 23
Athletics 8 15
Table tennis 4 13
Triathlon 4 8
Tennis 4 9
Football 4 7
Skiing 1 6
Archery 3 4
Walking 1 4
Fencing 3 3
Water skiing 1 3
Weightlifting 1 3
Swimming 2 3
Karate 3 3
Judo 1 3
Note: Nancy Kemp-Arendt's first two titles are categorised under swimming, and most recent three under triathlon.


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