List of motorways in Luxembourg

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Motorway sign from Luxembourg.

There are six motorways in Luxembourg, forming the backbone of road infrastructure in Luxembourg. Five of them extend radially from Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg, the centre of the transport network of the country.

The six motorways have a total length of 152 kilometres (94 mi)[1] . For cars, the speed limit is 130 kilometres per hour (81 mph), reduced to 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) in rain. During summer, due to heat the speed can be reduced to 90 kilometres per hour (56 mph)[2]

List of motorways[edit]

Road Length Start Via End E-road
A1 36,2 km Luxembourg City Senningerberg - Flaxweiler - Wasserbillig Germany Germany (A64) E44
A3 13,3 km Luxembourg City Bettembourg - Dudelange France France (A31) E25
A4 16,3 km Luxembourg City Leudelange Esch-sur-Alzette
A6 20,8 km Belgium Belgium (A4) Steinfort - Capellen - Strassen Luxembourg City E25
A7 31,5 km Luxembourg City Mersch - Ettelbruck - Erpeldange Clervaux
A13 42,3 km Pétange Bettembourg - Schengen Germany Germany (A8) E29


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