List of newspapers in Luxembourg

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The number of national daily newspapers in Luxembourg was five both in 1950 and in 1965.[1] Until 2001 there were six dailies and it became eight when two more dailies were launched.[2] This is a list of newspapers published in Luxembourg.

List of newspapers[edit]

Name Frequency Publisher Language Website
Telecran Weekly Saint-Paul German www.telecran.lu/
Contacto Weekly Saint-Paul Portuguese www.jornal-contacto.lu
Lëtzebuerger Journal Daily Imprimerie Centrale German www.journal.lu/
D'Lëtzebuerger Land Weekly Imprimerie Centrale German www.land.lu/
Le Quotidien Daily Editpress French www.lequotidien.lu
Revue Weekly Editpress German www.revue.lu/
Tageblatt Daily Editpress German www.tageblatt.lu/
Luxemburger Wort Daily Saint-Paul German www.wort.lu/
Woxx Weekly Independent German, French www.woxx.lu/
Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek Daily Independent German www.zlv.lu/
L'essentiel Free daily Edita SA (Editpress/Tamedia) French,

German (only online)



Nachrichten - Der Nachrichten Channel Free daily Independent German www.haschcon.com/
Lëtzebuerg Privat Weekly Presse de Nicolas German http://www.luxprivat.lu/
PROMI Weekly Presse de Nicolas German http://www.promilux.lu/

Defunct newspapers[edit]


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