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This is a list of towers in Bern. As the city of Bern in Switzerland grew, gatehouse towers and other defensive towers were built. Many of the towers have been rebuilt multiple times and served many different purposes over the centuries since Bern's founding.

For more information on the history of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site of Bern, see Old City of Bern.

Image Name Year built Year demolished Height Street/Square Coordinates Notes
Christoffelturm 1344 and 1346 1865 Spitalgasse Demolished to make room for train station.
Felsenburg 1260-1270 Klösterlisturz 2 46°56′58″N 7°25′31″E / 46.94944°N 7.42528°E / 46.94944; 7.42528
Holländerturm 1230 or early 17th Century Waisenhausplatz 15 46°56′55″N 7°26′38″E / 46.94861°N 7.44389°E / 46.94861; 7.44389 The exact age of the tower is unclear. The name means Dutch tower and refers to a Bernese mercenary commander who bought the tower after service in Holland.
Innere Aarbergertor
Innere Aarbergertor
Käfigturm 1256
rebuilt 1642-1645
first tower 1640 49 m (161 ft) Marktgasse 46°56′54″N 7°26′38″E / 46.94833°N 7.44389°E / 46.94833; 7.44389 First tower demolished in 1640. Second tower started in 1642. Name means prison or cage tower.
Zytglogge 1218–1220 54.5 m (179 ft) Kramgasse 46°56′53″N 7°26′52″E / 46.94806°N 7.44778°E / 46.94806; 7.44778 Name means clock tower. Features a large clock, a smaller astronomical clock and moving figures.


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