Lukas Hartmann

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Lukas Hartmann
Lukas Hartmann 1985
Lukas Hartmann 1985
Born (1944-08-29)29 August 1944
Bern, Switzerland
Occupation Novelist, author, children's writer
Genre Novels and Children's literature
Notable awards Lukas Hartmann#Awards
Years active since 1976
Spouse Simonetta Sommaruga

Lukas Hartmann (29 August 1944 born as Hans-Rudolf Lehmann) is a Swiss novelist and children's writer, who is well known in German-speaking countries. Married to the 2015 Swiss president Simonetta Sommaruga, he was Switzerland's "first husband" in 2015.

Life and work[edit]

Born as Hans-Rudolf Lehmann in Bern, his mother was a farmer's daughter and his father was shoemaker, later auxiliary postman and department manager at the Swiss Post. His mother had a creative streak, which passed to both sons. Hartmann's younger brother Jürg became a journalist, and now heads the Ringier Group school of journalism. Lukas Hartmann wrote his first stories at the age of 13. He completed a teacher training course in Bern with majors in German, history and music, and worked first as a teacher. He then decided to pursue further studies in psychology, but he did not graduate, and later worked as social worker, journalist and writer.[1] His novels Anna - annA and Pestalozzis Berg have been filmed.

Hartmann's grandmother was one of the so-called Verdingkinder, hence Hartmann is one of the most prominent supporters of the so-called Wiedergutmachungsinitiative.[2] In April 2018, Ein Bild von Lydia was published, a historical novel about Lydia Welti-Escher.[3]

Awards (excerpt)[edit]

  • 1995: Schweizer Jugendbuchpreis for So eine lange Nase.
  • 2010: Grosser Literaturpreis von Stadt und Kanton Bern

Bibliography (highlights)[edit]


Children's literature[edit]


  • 1976: Beruhigungsmittel.
  • 1977: Familiefescht.




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