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Imedghassen, Boumia, Batna Province, Algeria 3.jpg
Tumulus shaped tomb at Madghacen
Location in Algeria
Location in Algeria
Shown within Algeria
LocationBatna Province, Algeria
Coordinates35°42′26″N 6°26′04″E / 35.70722°N 6.43444°E / 35.70722; 6.43444Coordinates: 35°42′26″N 6°26′04″E / 35.70722°N 6.43444°E / 35.70722; 6.43444

Madghacen (Berber languages: imedɣasen), also spelled Medracen or Medghassen or Madghis is a royal mausoleum-temple of the Berber Numidian Kings which stands near Batna city in Aurasius Mons in Numidia - Algeria.[1]


Madghis was a king[2] of independent kingdoms of the Numidia, between 300 to 200 BC Near the time of neighbor King Masinissa and their earliest Roman contacts. Ibn Khaldun said: Madghis is an ancestor of the Berbers of the branch Botr Zenata, Banu Ifran, Maghrawa (Aimgharen), Marinid, Ziyyanid, and Wattasid.[3][4]


As ICOMOS noted in their 2006/2007 Heritage at Risk report, the mausoleum has become "the victim of major 'repair work' without respect for the value of th[e] monument and its authenticity."[5][6]


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