Marcin Zaleski

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Marcin Zaleski
Marcin Zaleski, Autoportret.jpg
Marcin Zaleski, Self-Portrait, 1840
Warsaw, Poland
Known forPainting
Marcin Zaleski, Myślewicki Palace in Łazienki Park, 1870

Marcin Zaleski (1796 – September 16, 1877) was a Polish painter.


Zaleski was born in Kraków. He received his education in Kraków and Warsaw. In 1817−1822, Zaleski worked as a decorator in a Warsaw theatre while producing copies of paintings. In 1828 the artist exhibited his own work for the first time and received a scholarship to continue his education as a painter: he then continued to study painting in Germany, France and Italy. In 1846 the artist became a professor of perspective at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw.[1] Zaleski died in Warsaw in 1877.


Zaleski is particularly well known for works depicting city views and architecture of Warsaw, Kraków and Vilnius.[2] His works can be found at the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland, the Turkey's Adam Mickiewicz Museum[3] and the Gomel Palace,[4] among other locations. Among Zaleski's works is a series of paintings on the November Uprising in Warsaw, to which he was an eyewitness.[5]

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