Mokotów Field

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Pole Mokotowskie
Warszawa-Pole Mokotowskie-jesień.jpg
'Pole Mokotowskie in autumn'
Coordinates52°12′39″N 21°00′00″E / 52.21083°N 21.00000°E / 52.21083; 21.00000Coordinates: 52°12′39″N 21°00′00″E / 52.21083°N 21.00000°E / 52.21083; 21.00000
Area65 hectares (160 acres)[1]
StatusOpen all year
Public transit accessPole Mokotowskie
View of the park

Pole Mokotowskie (Polish for "Mokotów Field" is a large park in Warsaw. Part of it is called "Józef Piłsudski Park."

Located between Warsaw's Mokotów district and the city center, the park is one of the largest in Warsaw.[2] Until World War II, a major part was occupied by an airfield and the Warsaw Polytechnic aircraft works.[3]

Pole Mokotowskie was also, until 1934, the site of Warsaw Airport and, until 1939, of the Warsaw Horse Racing Track.[3]

Located within the park is the Polish National Library. The park is also famous for its bars. Just to the south is a Warsaw Metro station, the Pole Mokotowskie station.

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