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Neil Hirsch is an American businessman. He is the founder of Telerate, and the current owner of Loanet and the BlackWatch Polo Team.[1]


Neil Hirsch was born in 1948.[1] At the age of 21, he dropped out of college and founded Telerate, a global communications network, where he served as President and Chief Executive.[1][2][3] By 1990, he sold to Dow Jones & Company for more than $1.5 billion.[1] He later founded Loanet, a securities-tracking firm, and he serves as its Chairman.[4]

In 1995, he co-founded the Bridgehampton Polo Club with his childhood friend Peter M. Brant.[citation needed][5][6] He served as its President for many years.[7] In 2011, he sold his share to Peter Brant.[3] He owns the BlackWatch Polo Team.[1][3][8]

Divorced from comedian Caroline Hirsch, he lives in Wellington, Florida.[4]


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