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Maiko in Kyoto wearing Okobo

Okobo (おこぼ), also referred to as pokkuri, bokkuri, or koppori geta from the sound made when walking,[1] are wooden sandals worn by maiko (apprentice geisha) during their apprenticeship. Shorter okobo are also worn by young women to formal occasions such as Seijin no Hi; these are often finished with black lacquer and may be decorated with designs of things like flowers on the side.

The okobo worn by maiko are usually five to six inches tall (13 to 15cm).[2] They are usually made from willow, and have no finish or a natural finish. During the summer months, maiko wear black-lacquered okobo. They are held to the foot by simple thong-like straps in colors that represent their maiko status. Red straps are worn by new maiko, while yellow ones are worn by those who have nearly completed their apprenticeship. Okobo are worn to prevent the wearer's kimono from touching the ground.[3]

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