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Okyō (於京) or Okyō no Kata was a Japanese woman from the Sengoku period. She served Aso Koremitsu alongside her husband, Kiyama Masachika. When Higo province was divided between Konishi Yukinaga and Katō Kiyomasa in 1587, on the completion of the Kyushu Campaign, Kiyomasa invaded the lands of the Aso clan and she volunteered for the defense.[1]

Masachika fell in a one-on-one duel with Katō Kiyomasa, Okyō put on Masachika's armor and challenged Kiyomasa to battle herself. However, at the last minute, her helmet got caught in the branches of a plum tree and prevented her from moving about freely, which led to her defeat. It is said that she cursed the plum tree with her dying breath, and that from then on, that tree never again bloomed or gave fruit. She died in the year of 1589.


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