Order of the Crown of the Realm

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Order of the Crown of the Realm
Awarded by
Flag of the Supreme Head of Malaysia.svg
The Sovereign of Malaysia
Type State Order
Established 16 August 1958
Ribbon Pale blue with gold edges bearing a narrow red stripe.
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign King of Malaysia
Grades "Member"
Next (higher) Order of the Royal Family of Malaysia
Next (lower) Order of the Defender of the Realm
MY Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara (Crown of the Realm) - DMN.svg
The ribbon of the order

The Most Exalted Order of the Crown of the Realm (Darjah Utama Seri Mahkota Negara) is a Malaysian Federal Award. It is the second order in term of precedence after the Darjah Yang Maha Utama Kerabat Diraja Malaysia.

It should not be confused with the military Order of Loyalty to the Crown of Malaysia.

Classes and recipients[edit]

It has one rank and is conferred on 30 recipients only. It is conferred to the Queen of Malaysia and newly appointed Malay rulers in his state. Fifteen, out of the total, are conferred on foreign princes, foreign Heads of State and other distinguished individuals.


The D.M.N. comprises a collar, a star, and a badge.

  • There are two sheathed kris crossed upright in the centre of the collar.
  • The nine-pointed star and the crescent moon of the award are made of gold.
  • The badge is a five-pointed star.
  • The sash is of yellow silk. In the centre are red stripes and the end is tied with a ribbon. The edges of the ribbon have white narrow stripes lying in between two blue stripes. The sash of the order is worn from the left shoulder to the right hip.

The Order was instituted on 16 August 1958 and gazetted on 21 August 1958.

Notable recipients[edit]

D.M.N. (K)[edit]

Unknown year:


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