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Our Culture Mag
Type of site
Arts & culture magazine
Available inEnglish
EditorModestas Mankus
Users601,864 in 2018 [1]
Launched2016; 3 years ago (2016)
Current statusActive

Our Culture Mag is a British arts and culture online magazine launched in 2016 by Modestas Mankus,[2][3] based in Cambridge, England.[4][5]

It covers arts such as film, fashion, music[6], art, photography and literature.[7]

On the 21st of March 2019, the website announced it stay free will not go behind a paywall, unlike many of its competitors.[8][9][10]


In 2016, Modestas Mankus launched Our Culture Mag, an online magazine covering latest news in the world of underground and mainstream music. In April 2017, the website announced that will cover film, art, and fashion. In October 2017, Our Culture Mag began covering gaming. The magazine has interviewed creatives such as Jonas Mekas,[11] Son Lux, [12] and Andy Nyman.[13]

In February 2018, Our Culture Mag added Literature to be part of their website.

In January 2019, Our Culture Mag announced the launch of their affiliate website OC Lifestyle. The website's purpose was to replace Pay-per-click advertisement and to enhance the experience behind Our Culture Mag. In February 2019, Our Culture Mag launched Filmland, a forum which allows British filmmakers, film fanatics and critics to discuss film. [14]


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