Pedro Fernández de Valenzuela (conquistador)

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Pedro Fernández de Valenzuela
Burial placeChurch of the Hospital de San Bartolomé de las Bubas
37°53′02″N 4°46′10″W / 37.88389°N 4.76944°W / 37.88389; -4.76944
Other namesPedro Hernández de Valenzuela
Years active1536-1539
EmployerSpanish Crown
Known forSpanish conquest of the Muisca
ChildrenPedro Fernández de Valenzuela (son)
Isabel (daughter)
Hernán Venegas Carrillo, Juan Tafur, Martín Yañés Tafur

Pedro Fernández de Valenzuela (?, Córdoba, Andalusia - ?, Córdoba) was a Spanish conquistador who took part in the expedition of the Spanish conquest of the Muisca led by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada from 1536 to 1538.[1] He was the cousin of Hernán Venegas Carrillo and after his journey in the New World returned to Córdoba. He was buried in the church of the former Hospital San Bartolomé de las Bubas in Córdoba.[2]


Pedro Fernández de Valenzuela was born in a noble family in an unknown year in Córdoba, Andalusia. He was a cousin of other conquistadors; Hernán Venegas Carrillo, Martín Yañés Tafur and Juan Tafur. Fernández de Valenzuela fought under the Spanish king Carlos II in Italy and gained the title of captain. He left for Santa Marta in the army of Pedro Fernández de Lugo and later accompanied Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada on the journey towards the Muisca Confederation. De Quesada trusted Fernández de Valenzuela to explore the rich emerald region of Somondoco in 1537 and next year included him in the army to fight the Panche in the Battle of Tocarema.[3] Fernández de Valenzuela accompanied De Quesada and other conquistadors on his journey back to Spain in 1539 and returned to Córdoba. He had a son and daughter; Pedro and Isabel Fernández de Valenzuela.[4]

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