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Chief of Physicians
Dynasty18th Dynasty
BurialAmarna Tomb 5
in hieroglyphs

The Egyptian noble Penthu was the sealbearer of the King of Lower Egypt, the sole companion, the attendant of the Lord of the Two Lands, the favorite of the good god, king's scribe, the king's subordinate, First servant of the Aten in the mansion of the Aten in Akhetaten, Chief of physicians, and chamberlain.[1] These titles alone show how powerful he would have been in Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt.

He was originally Chief Physician to Akhenaten, but may have survived the upheavals of the end of the Amarna period, and served under Ay, after being Vizier under Tutankhamun.[2] The identification of Penthu the Physician with Pentu the Vizier is not certain however.[3]

He had a tomb constructed at Amarna, Amarna Tomb 5,[1] although his remains have never been identified, and he was probably never buried there.


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