Portrait of Madame Pastoret

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Portrait of Madame Pastoret
Jacques-Louis David Portrait of Madame Adélaide Pastoret.jpg
ArtistJacques-Louis David
Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions128 cm × 85 cm (50 in × 33 in)
LocationArt Institute of Chicago

Portrait of Madame Pastoret is a 1791 portrait by Jacques-Louis David. It shows Adélaide Pastoret, née Piscatory de Vaufreland (1765-1843). He was a friend of the Pastoret family but broke with them in 1792 after they became more politically radical. With his portraits of Philippe-Laurent de Joubert and Madame Trudaine, it was one of three paintings left incomplete due to the advance of the French Revolution - all three figures were arrested or emigrated. An infant's head is also shown in the cot - this is Amédée de Pastoret, a future conseiller d'Etat, painted by Ingres in 1826.

It was still in his studio on his death, when it was sold for 400 francs to its subject and remained in her family until the 1890 death without issue of her grand-daughter, the marquise de Rougé du Plessis-Bellière, née Marie de Pastoret. It was catalogued as on show to the public in her collection at her château in Moreuil in 1884[1] A visitor described it in 1890[2]. Her collections were auctioned in May 1897, with the portrait sold for 17900 francs as lot 21 to M. Cheramy [3] It has been in the Art Institute of Chicago since 1967.


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