Praga Park

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Praga Park
POL Park Praski-muszla koncertowa.jpg
Praga Park Shell.
Area18.5 ha[1]
StatusOpen all year

Soldiers of the Polish First Army Park otherwise known as Praga Park is a park in Warsaw, Poland. The park is located in the city's Praga district, on the east bank of the Wisła River.

Praga Park was established in 1865-71 and designed by Jan Dobrowolski.[1] In 1927 a zoological garden (Ogród Zoologiczny) was established on the park grounds,[2] and in 1952 a bear run, still open today.

Also found in the park are a statue of the writer Eliza Orzeszkowa which was erected in 1938, the work of sculptor Henryk Kuna, and a giraffe sculpture dating from 1981.[3]


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